Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Career Academy Asia all about?

    A Senior High School (Grades 11 and 12; about 16-18 years old; “response to K-12”) with specialized programs integrated.

    A PHINMA initiative to contribute to basic education – nation-building by educating and forming the future leaders of the country.

    It features specialized courses: Multimedia, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Events Management

  • Why choose Career Academy Asia?

    Specialized Programs. It features interest-driven courses in Multimedia, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Events Management in the secondary or basic education level.

    At this early stage, students can already begin exploring how they can turn their interests and passions into a career.

    Successful Programs of International Partners. Its partnerships with the SDH Institute and First Media Design School (FMDS) grant Career Academy Asia the ability to offer the successful programs of both schools to Career Academy Asia students.

    The International Degree starts at home. Through these Singapore-based partners, Career Academy Asia students have the opportunity to complete an international degree abroad from the University of the West of England, Bath Spa University, University of Gloucestershire (all in the UK); Griffith University, Charles Sturt University (both in Australia); and Vatel in France.

    Jumpstarts your career. Enroll Senior High School with Career Academy Asia, and complete one to two more years of studies in Singapore, UK, Australia, or France to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree. A Bachelor’s Degree from an international university can then be achieved in four to five years, instead of the usual six years (i.e. two years of Senior High School plus four years of college or university).

  • What kind of diploma or certificate will one get at the end of their stay in Career Academy Asia?

    Senior High School students who complete two years of senior high school with Career Academy Asia will get a senior high school diploma (certified by the Department of Education). If they are taking Hospitality and Tourism Management or Events Management, they will also receive a Diploma from SDH Institute in Singapore.

    Graduates of Career Academy Asia then have an option to continue taking their course credits in Career Academy Asia or in Singapore, at the end of which they will earn an Advanced Diploma or degree.

    Or the students may choose to turn their diploma into a Bachelor’s degree by completing the remaining required credits at one of our partner schools in Singapore, U.K., Australia, or France for one to two more years.

    To learn more about our Diplomas and Certifications, click here.

  • Who are the people who will be running Career Academy Asia?

    • The management team consists of:

    • Career Academy Asia President and CEO – Dr. Chito Salazar
    • COO - Ms. Tharah Jane L. Chin
    • Headmaster – Prof. John Paul Olivares
    • The management team supports a team of experienced lecturers, mentors, learning facilitators who have international training and exposure and, more importantly, who are themselves actual practitioners
    • To learn more about our Board of Directors, click here

    Practitioners will assist Career Academy Asia such as:
    • Industry advisers - ascertains that the curriculum remains relevant to the needs of the industry
    • Industry partners - provides the opportunity to do internships

  • Where is Career Academy Asia located?

    • The campus is located on the 5th floor of PHINMA Plaza in Rockwell Center, Makati City.

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